Vadim Zhukov – Summer Rain (Original Mix)

At, we are always featuring artistes possessing a flare of breaking out in the scene with their originality in how they conjugate audible elements into a whole that speaks volumes.

Vadim Zhukov starts off with an industrial progression similar to Taucher back in the days, followed by a sequential build up to a climatic melodic driven journey with his unique blends with distinctive elements that breathes depth and breadth of a scale beyond imagination.

Once the breakdown slows to a silence, the rythmic sends one into a rollercoaster spiral with every introduction of different sequence that commands immediate attention. “Summer Rain” is undoubtedly an Opening Track in which any DJ can kickstart a magikal journey in the laser-filled light rooms from around the world.

Vadim Zhukov – Summer Rain (Original Mix)


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